Top 3 Best Music Apps & Beat Making Apps for iPhone

You own an iPhone and don’t have a good music app? It sounds gross. If you are looking for the best music app for iPhone, then you are in the right place. Here I am going to discuss about the best music apps for iPhone which will take your music listening experience to the next level. Many apps are available in the market for free, but all are not safe for your device.Become a DJ with Groovepad! Bring your musical dreams to life and make groovy, smooth-sounding music easily! Our beat making app will teach you to create Many of today’s top artists started in their rooms simply with their laptops, a Free Beat Making Softwares and their passion to compose music.

Some apps may cause serious damage to your speakers as well as to your device. That’s why you must install the best music apps which are reliable, trustworthy and comes with some attractive features. If you are installing an app for playing music, then you must judge the app by the quality of sound and feature it provides. Here go some of the best apps which you should keep in your iPhone for playing music.


When it comes to playing music on your iPhone, one of the best app is Spotify Music. The reason behind the popularity of this app is

  1. This app can play any artist, album or playlist on shuffle mode.
  2. You can listen to any song, anytime, anywhere for free.
  3. You can download any music for free and can listen to it offline.
  4. You will enjoy an awesome sound quality.
  5. When you will listen to any music, no ads will pop up. You will be able to enjoy music without any interruption.

8tracks Radio

8tarcks Radio is one of the best and unique music player for iPhone. The main reason behind the uniqueness of this app is

  1. This is the only music app that features playlists Submitted by music lover like you and me.
  2. In 8tracks Radio you will various types of mix and ‘handcrafted’ playlists.
  3. A huge variety of music is available in this app.
  4. The sound output of this app is unbelievable.
  5. You will get not only a variety of genres but can discover new mixes too.

Cinema box

This is one of the best music players for smartphones, though you can’t access this app directly on your iPhone. To access this app on your iPhone, first, you need to sign out from your Apple ID by going to settings>iTunes & App Stores>Apple ID>Sign Out. Then download the Cinemabox for iOS and install it. After that open Cinemabox, when another installation option will pop up, click Cancel. And lastly, you have to sign in to your iTunes Store Cinema2017. After that, you will be able to access Cinemabox and can log out and log in again to your iTunes and App store. This app is popular for smartphones because

  1. Not only music, but you will also be able to watch movies and TV shows here.
  2. You can download this app for free.
  3. This app is great because you can watch cartoons from this app.
  4. You will get almost all the music videos of your favorite artists here.
  5. You can enjoy full HD audio video experience with Cinemabox.

Keeping the best music app for iPhone is very important.  The default music player doesn’t come with these much of facilities. A good music player is always needed for some good music. If you don’t have a good music player, then you won’t be able to feel music properly. All the above mentioned comes for free. So it’s worth giving them a try.