Shareit for PC, Laptop - Download and Install

SHAREit does not need an introduction. It is a file transfer app which became famous in very few years after it was released in the market. SHAREit provides direct wifi connection for file transfer. The fame is to such an extent that any random guy with a smartphone will have the app in his phone. As it is specified by the name, it is basically a sharing app, used to share files from one device to another.

You just have to open the app and select the files to be transferred, then search for the people in the range that the files can be transferred.

Compatibility is one huge advantage of downloading shareit for pc. The devices between which the files are being shared could be anything, a tablet, a smartphone, a Mac or a PC. It is adaptable with all devices. It works fine with all versions as well.

The advantage of shareit other than the wireless service is the speed in which the file transfer happens and also the different variety however big or small, can be transferred. All kinds of files, be it a picture or a music file, a document, a movie or even a contact, or even other apps can be transferred via shareit. The speed of transfer is much faster than any other application. One can transfer a 3 hour movie via this app within few minutes.

As you would have already before, the app sets up wifi network itself. Hence, there is no need of cellular data for the transfer of files. Group Sharing is another feature about the app that makes it even more good. In the same way like sending a mail to many people at the same time, you can transfer a file via this app by creating a group and sending the file to all the devices that are there in the group.

Download SHAREit for PC

The only requirement you need is net connection as you will be needing to download it via internet. There is no specification on the version of Windows, it will work very well on any of the recent versions of Windows, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

The only thing you got to do is search for a website to download the app on your PC.

After you have downloaded the app, click on the downloaded file two times to install the app on your PC.  Well, now you have installed shareit on your PC.